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Having no 'Word' and no 'Excel' I open these documents always with LibO. I cannot report of actual problems. I cannot report of actual problems. Another thing is editing such documents and then save them again in the 'alien' format.

How can I open MS Word files in LibreOffice? - Ask Ubuntu In this Wiki article, it says that Microsoft Office documents saved as a .doc or a . docx file can be opened in LibreOffice. Therefore, you should be ... Will LibreOffice open Microsoft Office docs? [closed] - Ask ... Microsoft Office suite expired. Can't open any old documents from Word. If I install Libre, will I be able to open them? LibreOffice vs OpenOffice: Who Wins? - Lifewire 7 May 2019 ... Choosing between OpenOffice and LibreOffice can be difficult since they ... For example, if you want to be able to open DOCX files from MS Word in one ... the newest MS Word format to something else like DOC, ODT, or RTF.

Wanna import PDF to LibreOffice? This article here tells you how to import both native and scanned PDF to LibreOffice easily and conveniently.

Open Word, Excel, PowerPoint Files Without Microsoft Office Offline solutions. There are dozens of free programs that can be installed on your computer to open Microsoft Office documents and other office or rich-text documents. Apache OpenOffice - Official Site - The Free and Open ... The official home page of the Apache OpenOffice open source project, home of OpenOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Base. Can OpenOffice save documents in .docx and .doc extensions ... One more thing, once I unistall MicrosoftOffice, will I be able to open all of the .docx and .doc files in LibreOffice, because thats really important for me, once I ... LibreOffice - Wikipedia

How to open file in Libre Office and save this like .doc file? It is possible? (create script for this) MAKING LIBREOFFICE DEFAULT TO THE .doc, .xls, AND .ppt FILE ... 6 THE BEST FILE FORMATS FOR "LIBREOFFICE" TO DEFAULT TO ARE .doc, .xls, and .ppt For the best compatibility with "Microsoft How to open Microsoft Word documents in Linux Like LibreOffice, it can open, edit, and save Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files. Unlike LibreOffice, Abiword is not a complete office suite, so it has a smaller footprint and consumes fewer system resources. Connect LibreOffice with your Google Docs account by using ... You can do just that with the LibreOffice extension OOo2gd, which makes it easy for anyone who has a Google Docs account to export or import a document to and from LibreOffice.

10 reasons you should use LibreOffice and not Microsoft Word Case in point: Some users have reported not being able to open older .doc files with latest version of Microsoft Office. With LibreOffice you can leave your OpenDocument Text (ODT) files in a time ... How to Open WPS Files in Open Office | LibreOffice is a word processing program that supports opening WPS files; it can be installed alongside and coexist with OpenOffice. 2. Install and launch LibreOffice. 3. Click "File, select "Open ... Why can't I open some DOC files with LibreOffice? - Quora Libreoffice is great but not perfect, especially in MS office compatibility. (Apparently MS office is not perfect in old version compatibility either.) But most ...

Download Docs U -Editor for Microsoft Office Documents Free and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ... The app also supports the creation and editing of LibreOffice and Open Office ... Not giving it a five star because, I can't sort my documents by category, but I guess you have ... ikuDocs -Business File Manager.

Can't open doc file in Libreoffice: this file is from an I want to open a doc (word) file which is created on a Windows computer about 10 years ago. When I open this file I get the following message: "Test12345.doc" is from an unidentified developer. Ar... How to Open, Edit, & Convert DOC Files - Lifewire Both of these applications can not only open DOC files but also edit them and save them back to the same format, and the former two can even save the DOC file to Microsoft's newer DOCX format. What is OpenDocument? | LibreOffice - Free Office … If you are sent a file with one of the above extensions, but your software or operating system can't identify it, then simply download LibreOffice – it's free and open source software, originally based on, and handles all of the above extensions. LibreOffice vs OpenOffice: Who Wins? -